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Have you ever thought about it?

If you yourself could improve your physical condition…
If you could help improve your family’s physical condition…
If you could help improve your friend’s physical condition…

Stiffness, pain and fatigue are generally self inflicted physical symptoms.
An irregular lifestyle, overprescription, over-drinking and over-eating… do such things exhaust your body and mind?
In Japan there exists a technique “Reiki Shiatsu” that advanced traditional remedial techniques.
Reiki Shiatsu is a simple modern Japanese remedial technique that employs a combination of natural energy (such as Ki, prāna and mana) and acupressure to restore, ameliorate and rejuvenate the body that anyone should be capable of.
Push: acupressure, extend: detach, loosen: soften; and channel the Reiki. Through this, the body’s stiffness, pain and congestion are ameliorated and relieved. A technique that is simple and mysterious.
Not only can Reiki Shiatsu ameliorate headaches, tinnitus, stiff shoulders, frozen shoulders, back and knee pain, but it is also effective in the treatment of chronic diseases and injuries.
Many people decide to learn Reiki Shiatsu in order to enhance their self remedial capabilities and improve the physical condition of their family and friends.
Authentic Reiki Shiatsu can be experienced exclusively in Japan’s Komachien.
When visiting Japan, don’t hesitate to pay us a visit to experience our unique therapeutic massage treatment.

Reiki Shiatsu

A traditional remedial method that evolved from remarkable skill and technique exists in Japan …
It’s called Reiki Shiatsu.
Push ・ Accupressure
Extend ・ Detach
Loosen ・ Soften
And channel the Reiki
Through this, the body’s stiffness, pain and congestion are ameliorated and relieved.

Komachien Treatment

Here at Komachien, we tailor treatments specifically to our customer’s physical needs. The fundamental aim of treatments provided at Komachien is to elegantly maintain healthy bodies and provide a healing sensation for both the mind and body. Our utmost priority is to provide a service that satisfies our customers.

Foot Treatment

Feet are soaked in an herbal bath in which 18 different types of medicinal herbs are dissolved. While relaxing, the shoulders and arms are loosened. Afterwards, appropriate stimulation is applied to key acupressure points in the reflex zone to achieve body balance and to stimulate blood flow, metabolism and waste elimination. The treatment is concluded with a skin tightening salt scrub and an upper body treatment.

Body Treatment

Treatment focuses on mending and loosening the body’s sore points, alleviating each region’s fatigue and tension. It isn’t only about alleviating pain and fatigue, but also about providing a sense of inner peace and healing, restoring the mind-body balance and stimulating blood flow and the immune system.


Heated glass cups are applied to the skin, creating a suction force to provide stimulation. Suction on the skin stimulates blood flow and ameliorates chronic stiffness. This treatment course is recommended for people who are concerned about their physical condition.


This treatment concentrates on the removal of dead skin material from the heel and sole of the foot. Electric and manual type files are alternately used to exfoliate the skin.

Ear Candling

A wax coated cylinder is lit. The heat, pressure and vibrations generated from the flame result in a vacuum pressure which in turn facilitates the removal of ear wax and dirt from the ear canal.

Hand Treatment

Hands and arms have reflex zone key acupressure points similar to those in the sole of the feet. Refined oils are used to stimulate acupressure points that correspond to various vital organs and body regions. This is done in order to improve and restore intrinsic function.

Head Treatment

There are tens of acupressure points on the head. Head treatment enhances the natural healing power of the entire body. It is recommended in the treatment of sleeping disorders, headaches and eyestrain.

Facial Treatment

Facial acupressure points are gently stimulated. Application of an appropriate amount of stimulation and vibration with fine gradual hand movements improves skin condition. This facial treatment noticeably improves skin tone.

Oil Treatment

Lymphatic drainage and meridian therapy are used to loosen fine pressure points. Fatigue of the body, skin and mind is ameliorated; blood and lymphatic circulation is streamlined; and a deep sense of healing is provided by this body-care treatment.

Crystal Bowl Treatment

Several special crystal bowls and crystal pyramids are employed, each for a specific purpose. The body’s organs’, nerves’ and cells’ resonance, synchronization and conductivity are examined. A sensation of sound waves passing through the body, and DNA activation is experienced together with a sense of elevation to a higher dimension.

Owner’s Treatment

A unique treatment plan that is entirely custom tailored for the customer’s physical and mental needs. Depending on the customer’s objectives, a custom treatment plan is created that combines foot (sole), body, crystal bowl, defragmentation, energy, power manipulation and Reiki Shiatsu treatments.
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